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Kenny Dorham Trumpet Solo on 'Room 608' at
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Kenny Dorham - "Room 608"

Kenny DorhamOne of the great trumpet players of the bebop era, Kenny Dorham was a part of the second wave of bop brass players that followed in the footsteps of Dizzy Gillespie which included Miles Davis and Fats Navarro. His style was more lyrical than Navarro's and more boppish than the studied Davis. He played with most of the giants of the music in the '40s and '50s and became one of the founding members of Horace Silver's Jazz Messengers. He later replaced Clifford Brown in Max Roach's combo when Clifford was killed in an auto accident. Kenny reached his peak in the early 1960s when he continued to lead his own groups including one that featured Joe Henderson. He worked and recorded on his own and with others until his death. Universally admired by his contemporaries, his death from liver failure in December 1972 led unfairly to a decline in awareness of his stature as a fine modern musician.

Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers
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Kenny Dorham
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