Chet Baker - 13 Transcribed Solos
Miles Davis
Miles Davis
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Print your own Manuscript Paper

Download 8, 10 and 14 staff Manuscript Paper in a self-extracting zip file, or just print from this site using the directions below.
Please follow the instructions below to avoid printing blank paper!
1. Using Internet Explorer go to the Tools Menu.
2. Select "Internet Options..."
3. You will see the dialog which appears below.
4. Scroll down to the "Printing Section".
5. Check the "Print background colors and images option.
6. Click "Apply"
7. Close the dialog using the "OK" button.
8. To Remove Web Page information from the header and footer of your
    document, select "Page Setup" from the File menu.  The dialog below
9. Clear the Header and Footer fields of this dialog and click OK.
10. You may now print your own manuscript paper anytime you like from the links below!

8 Staff Lines     10 Staff Lines     14 Staff Lines
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