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Enjoy our library of 98 Transcribed Solos. Hear the first thirty seconds of each solo, and download the complete transcription in pdf format.  We've got Chet, Freddie, Miles, Chase, Claudio Roditi, Kenny Dorham, Tom Harrell, Bobby Shew, Blue Mitchell, and lots of others. All of the solos on this site are original transcriptions.
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Showcase your transcribed solos and receive a Brand New copy of Clark Terry "Metropole Orchestra"!  You will receive full credit for your work and get a free CD to boot!  
Newest Additions October's Most Popular
  1. Mike Metheny
        Are You Real
  2. Tom Harrell 
        Giant Steps
  3. Miles Davis 
        KC Blues
  4. Miles Davis 
        Au Privaue
  5. Randy Brecker 
        Shiny Stockings
  6. Ryan Kisor 
        Viscous Consistency
  7. Joe Magnarelli 
        Our Love Is Here to Stay
  8. Lee Morgan 
        Blue Train
  9. Lee Morgan 
        I'm Old Fashioned
  10. Lee Morgan 
        Moment's Notice
  1. Miles Davis
        "So What"
  2. Arturo Sandoval
         "Funky Cha-Cha"
  3. Maynard Ferguson
         "Admiral's Horn"
  4. Miles Davis
  5. Miles Davis 
        KC Blues
  6. Louis Armstrong
        "Wild Man Blues"
  7. Lee Morgan
        Blue Train
  8. Bill Chase
  9. Miles Davis 
        Au Privaue
  10. Randy Brecker 
        Shiny Stockings
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